By-product of a Jamaican mother and Bahamian father, I was born and raised in the sunshine-filled city of Miami, FL. The city that raised me was also the city that couldn't contain me. Some time after receiving my Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication, I scratched out the names of two birds on my hit list by spending a year and a day abroad in England. Living in Manchester and briefly in London, I earned my Master's degree in International Creative Advertising.

Awakened by the knowledge I gained, and riding on the high of completing my life-altering dissertation, I decided to return to the land of opportunity via the city that never sleeps.

New York City taught me many things, no lesson more important than the next. Life there is like no other, and while I've decided to explore other cities, I appreciate the growth it forced on me. The professional creatives I interacted with, worked alongside and learned from, ignited a flame that has burned in me all the way from Brooklyn to my move to Chicago. 

While the weather has been cold, the city embraced me with a warm hug, and I'm proud of the professional work and the creative passion projects that I've completed during my time here so far; there's only more to come.

Explore my page, learn more about what I've learned, and definitely contact me, even if it's just to give me a compliment; I'll smile and smiles are contagious. Spread joy!